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A compilation of goodness
to help you write your own story
#A must-have for all journaling beginners

Now, are you wondering, why do I need the Hearty Journal/ New Decade Tracker?

The Hearty Journal was designed to ease a complete journaling beginner into the practice of Journaling.

Do you have a friend/ teenage daughter, son, mom or dad who is new into journaling or doesn't know how to go about it?

Gift him/her

💯The year in focus: A key feature that develops your self awareness

💯Milestones: The New decade feature marks differences in decades

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💯this is a collection of resources that you’re going to need to kickstart a journey of intentionally writing your story.

💯There’s a new decade tracker. The other accessories are a set of fill-able affirmation cards that you get to fill by yourself.

💯There is also a weekly schedule that is to be used alongside the monthly focus.

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I'm Tracking The New Decade

“What does the phrase “counting your blessings” mean to you?

I guess you already have a hint.

But this is no “count your blessings” workbook.

Even though it partly functions as that.

Using the new decade tracker will not only help to count your blessings. It would also help to kickstart your passion for facing the next phase.