About Hearty Christian Stories

Hello! I’m Oluwabukola. I blog at Hearty Christian Stories. On this platform, want to write about the stuff that pulls a string at my heart and will in turn cause ripple effects in yours. I want to write about stuff that made a once carefree girl now conscious about the world.

I want to write about the vulnerable stuff I discuss with a close friend. I want to write with tears in my eyes, and of course, cause you to do the same. I want to write about the stuff people shy away from talking about, the goodness of God, the bad times that have one almost doubting God, and the unpopular opinions that are usually sidelined in church. I want to write about the people in ‘church’ and their interactions. I want to write stuff people can relate to. I want to write stuff people will question, and we can both learn from it. 

Are you someone who wants to read something that’s worth reading in a world like ours which seems like Christianity is for the mediocre or watered down? Or rather, ‘misunderstood’ is the word. You’ve come to the right place.

You also get to intentionally write your story as a Christian. Every human has a unique story to tell. To make this happen, you’ll keep getting resources from time to time.

There are also bonus articles like interviews and encouraging pieces. You can decide to read books and watch movies together with me or just wait patiently for the books and movies review that is posted from time to time.

You can read fiction, i.e short hearty stories, ten thousand word stories for people who don’t really have time but still want to read stories that address a Christian life.

It’s a whole package of love and fire. Enjoy!