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Aunty Feminist goes to Church | Church Chronicles 2

The period when women were told to be silent in the church was over. This was what Aunty thought before returning home to Naija.

Unpacking her luggage, she thought about the foremost thing she wanted to do. She would show up in church, the home church she’d been nostalgic about in the UK. 

Life as a working student had not allowed for too much church. She had only attended virtual church gatherings as much as she had the time. Homecoming, she dressed in the only native attire she had, a green agbada and trousers her UK tailor had sewn, ready for the non-virtual experience.

The Worship Experience | Church Chronicles 1

The worship leader collected the wired microphone from the prayer coordinator, who had set the atmosphere burning with some capital tongue speaking in the rented hall.

“Lerogete aikolema ribainda, Endoskelesh endoski barabai!”

He had declared with ferocity and some vibration of hands. One could see that the few members who came to church early had caught the fire. 

Sayo watched through thick concave glasses as the pretty assistant choir coordinator took her place behind the wooden pulpit. A glance at the choir stand made her wonder why the role of praying, using the ‘Prayer cord’ as a reference, usually went to the guys while the Eve gender huddled together for the singing role. Maybe God answered their prayers faster, she thought. 

Uniqueness: Not just about your name (Rose Abeni Oluwa)

If uniqueness was all about the name, you should start wondering why you can find at least ten people with the same name as you in the country where you reside. The only man that God gave the name that is greater than all other names still has namesakes. Look up the internet for a few minutes. There are many Mr Jesus, Mr Christ and Mr Messiah all over the world.

I have thought about this thing called “uniqueness” many times over than I can count. The Bible says a lot about how God created humans and has plans for them. I can’t help but sigh at Rachael’s experience of being a mother to one hairy boy named Esau, and the twin homely boy named Jacob.

Oil of Gladness

“Oh yeah,” Tonia says tiredly, twirling her index finger in a circular motion in the air. Sitting down and doing nothing wasn’t her hobby but it seems that it’s the only thing she has been consistent at in the past few days.

“Hmmmn, arrgh, hmm.” The deep groans did not sound as if they were from her. The only audible words which found their place in between the groans sounded like an admission of guilt.

Diary: Happy New Year-A COVID Experience

27th December 2020
Jesus’s birthday was just a few days ago. I didn’t even see the change in season. Save for a few neighbours who brought us Christmas food. I’m not complaining. Well, maybe I am. Just penning my thoughts.

29th December 2020
Now, I’m really worried. Is Grandma actually going to die? The long-overdue and outdated virus has overstayed its welcome already. Must it take my granny away while it’s preparing to leave? I overheard some people arguing if Christmas day was truly Jesus’s birthday. I mean, that’s a lot of days ago. I wish they’d find a better use of their time! Finding a solution to COVID would be easier if these type of people spent their time more wisely.

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