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E fit Shock You – Church Chronicles Season 2

E don tey wey me and you don jam for this space. Na exam I write write write oh. I say I no get time to dey write again. For how many months wey he be like that? I con tell myself “After exam, you go con resume.” Na wetin I think be that. But after we finish exam, I try. I try but he con be like say the plan of say I go dey give back to back stories like layer upon layer of cake, but na only rest I dey rest. Birthday issue still don enter. Na then I know say that week don commot too. You know, person go fit pray and do many many things sotey usher imself into a new year. Na so week dey climb on top week for my eyes. E shock me.

I’m Living my Best Life

I’m living my best life.

Freshly squeezed bitterleaf juice in one hand, thoughts of recent events in my head, and the soft melody of soothing voices from my radio kept me snuggled in the corner of my bed. I watched the rays of light that I hoped would touch my yellowing philodendron bounce off and on the multicoloured rechargeable torch on the window instead.

Sabbath Church Chronicles Hearty christian stories

Church Chronicles 1-7

Church Chronicles is currently on its 7th lap. That means we have seven whopping stories with “Church Chronicles” as its umbrella.

But right now, we’re taking a short pause to reflect. It’s just right to say we’re on Sabbath.

We want reviews of any of the Church Chronicles to date from you, our reader. Don’t keep those awesome thoughts and discussions you’ve had about the series to yourself. You can send your reviews here.

After then, we can see if we can continue with the Church Chronicles series.


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woman looking out the window of a train

My Daddy-Longlegs | Church Chronicles 4

My Daddy-Longlegs

When I was a little girl, my whole world went at a pleasantly slow pace. It was endless days of wanting to be an adult. And the calmness and stability of that little world seemed to last forever. The hopeful days of waiting and the protection from my parents from what the world had to offer slowly faded away. They couldn’t shield me from them forever. And I couldn’t stop growing up at a rapid rate. 

This is what I always wanted. But I’m not even yet an adult. I’m just one leg in and another out, and it’s already looking like, “Why is this world so fast?”

If Queen Esther was Nigerian


If Queen Esther was Nigerian

King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) ruled over 127 provinces when Isreal was in slavery. He was the most powerful monarch who ruled the Persian Empire around 486 BC.

Hadassah had deep Jewish roots as detailed in the Book of Esther in the Holy Bible.

Esther couldn’t have been Nigerian, and I’m much surprised at myself for allowing such a ‘what if’ thought.

 The name ‘Esther’ sounds foreign and pagan. Some people still dispute why such a Book that can pass as historical romance is in the Bible.

The Man of God, Nigerian Netflix movie Review—How do you present a Christian Story to the secular world?

As I sit before my laptop, for a writer, I’m short of words to relate the emotions I felt during the movie “The Man of God”, which was directed by Bolanle Austen-Peters. But I can tell you that I watched the trailer and went “Yass!” The retelling of the story of a prodigal son coming back home is something any Christian would want to see. And, so far, Netflix productions in Nigeria have been more of trials and errors, i.e. some flops, some hits. See the trailer below:

C.S Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia

I’ve not known about the late C.S Lewis for long but like one of the people impacted by the life he lived, I can say a few things about the self-taught apologetic/theologian. He put his literary talent into use to explain things that you would rather need to sit down and argue out with a seemingly non-budging old apologetic with a pair of circle-shaped glasses settled on his nose. In the picture I painted, he looks quite the kind that unnerves right? Yeah, but this kind (C.S Lewis) tells Bible truths as children’s stories (The Chronicles of Narnia). I guess you really need to wear the shoes of a child to understand Bible truths. His explanations of the Bible were quite subtle especially for the non-Christian since they are shrouded under the theme ‘fantasy’. 

Here is a C.S Lewis quote for people who are afraid of being seen as kids.

When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

C.S Lewis

The man, C.S Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis was a British who held positions in English literature at both Oxford University and Cambridge University. Well, this man was a ticking time bomb who became an atheist at the age of 15. C.S Lewis was angry with God for not existing and had one of the strongest arguments for atheism. That apart, he was drawn to the occult, more like the Celtic pagan mysticism but had to change to the Celtic Christian mysticism after he converted back to Christianity.

The turnaround moment for this returnee prodigal was a result of the arguments he had with his friend, J. R. R Tolkien, (author of the lord of the rings) alongside a book that influenced his conversion back to theism. He resisted conversion and an explicit description of how much he resisted can be read in his book, surprised by joy. You can learn how to download the book here.


The intense COVID period is long gone; two years is quite much, right? But some of its effects on the Church are here to stay.

Some of the points I’ll highlight have been going on for a while but their usefulness has just been made even more acknowledged as a result of the COVID. Imagine the few realistic scenarios described below.

1. Second Service: The one who woke up late

How to Read Books Online or Download for free

Books, novels, comics, academic books…all summed up as books are a necessity to humans, especially you who are reading right now. It doesn’t matter what genre it is, whether self-published or not, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a bestseller or not. Books are great companions in times of solitude. 

To me, nothing beats having a tangible book in my hands even though we’re in an age where one can read across many devices. Do you like paperbacks like me? Read paperbacks or, you just can’t stand the burden of carrying big books that would make you look like a nerd?There are books in PDF formats, epub…blah blah. You might even be the all-powerful mom who manages a family and a business, there are audiobooks just for you. You have to make your choice.

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