Life After School: Once Upon a Finalist Episode 5

Life After School ep 5

Anonymous: Nobody will be giving you money again.

Hearty: What are your plans after this BSc? I know God has plans for you. So, have you been thinking about it?
Anonymous: (Whispers with a hint of laughter) Yes, I’ve been thinking about it.

Hearty: (Imitating her whisper) What have you thought about, and since when have you been thinking about it?
Anonymous: I’ve been thinking about it since after the final exam, and the thoughts that came to my mind were, “Hmmn, after school, nobody will be giving you money again.”
Hearty: For real?
Anonymous: Yes, now, many people are depending on you. “Aunty, come and sponsor us, oh.” So, I want to work on my skills, get a job, and go for youth service. That one is compulsory.
Hearty: What skills have you or do you plan on working on?
Anonymous: Digital skills, IT skills, Microsoft Word, Excel, and stuff. Let me just be perfect in them. And then, my baking skills.
Hearty: You bake?
Anonymous: I bake, oh. Ewa book cake.
Hearty: Can we know the name of your cake business?
Anonymous: Alright, Eucharia Delight.
Hearty: Your anonymity is busted, niyen, oh.
Anonymous: (She laughs.) I will go for youth service. You know they’ll teach us some things now?
Hearty: Really?
Anonymous: Ehn-ehn?
Hearty: I did not know now, seriously.
Anonymous: I used to watch this NYSC program on television, so they usually teach them some skills.
Hearty: Really, I thought it was only exercise and parades they usually do.
Anonymous: (Mild laughter). They teach them stuff. Some people were taught how to make paint, and that was how they started their businesses. Some, teach how to sew, make beads, etc.
Hearty: Somebody that now knows how to sew before, nko?
Anonymous: And the person can learn other designs that he/she doesn’t know. You know fashion trends change, and you just have to keep up with the trend.
Hearty: While thinking about life after school, did you have any fears when you realized that “This is the reality”? How was the realization for you?
Anonymous: I think I had some fears, sha. Where to submit your job applications. You know like chemistry now, you have many fields. You can either work in a lab or a school if you want to be a teacher. So, I thought about it. Which area of specialization do I want to focus on?
Hearty: …based on the course you’re studying?
Anonymous: …based on the course I studied. And also, I prayed. I had to seek God’s face. You know, man plans, but it is only God that brings it to pass.
Hearty: Thank you for your time. The interview is done.

Mo: Be a Master at Your skill

I have many plans. At this point, I wish I were a quadruplet because I have many interests. It means I have many directions I want to follow through, but I have to choose one, or at least start with one.

Even if I have to choose all of them in the long run, I have to start with one. Especially if the one I am most interested in usually takes a long time before I start seeing results. It involves honing your skills. And when you’re working on yourself, isn’t it food you will be eating?

I know which of the skills I would pick, with my eyes closed, but that would happen if money grew on trees. So, as I’m honing my skills, the trees in my backyard would be sponsoring me. Then I can focus on my passion and be my best at it. There is no way you will be a master at your skill that your skill, which is value, will not attract money.

If I were four-in-one like God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, I would say: You, focus on fashion designing. You, use your knowledge of Botany to create a skincare and haircare startup, and you, go and be a top executive at a plant-related company, you, be a full-time creative writer. So, I plan to take one step at a time.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time before I started my 400-level project. That was when I asked myself what skills I wanted to learn within the walls of this school. I decided that I wanted to get better at writing, so I joined a local press organization. Besides, I already have a blog. I somehow convinced my dad to invest in the blog, and he would be paying for it, and I, in turn, would make money from it.

I’ve yet to make direct money from it. The only one I got was from someone who decided to encourage my creativity and asked me to send my account details. She then sent me a generous amount. So, it’s not like I’ve not made money from it. But such money-making requires faith. It is not the way I thought I was going to make money from it. It was unlike one to calculate the number of articles you sent out this month and how much it generated for you.

So, the skills I have would make my CV make sense and increase my chances. My plan is, I have skills that I have to be better at. but, before that, I have to go for the Youth service. then, after youth service, I will come and face whatever decision I have to make.

Those are my plans, but that’s still up to God to veto or discard altogether. I have many interests and I need to know where to start from. I already started asking him. But, I trust him on his word. There’s this part of the Bible that talks about you hearing a voice, telling you where you should go. It should be in Isaiah. So, I’ll keep moving. I’ll have to start from somewhere. If I’m going the wrong way, he’s going to redirect me. And besides, it is the same God that gave me all the gifts I have. It might just be my fear that is making me feel like I can’t do all four together.

As for listening to God’s voice concerning directions, and peradventure, I’m going in a direction that I do not need to be in at the moment, He is going to redirect me. And, thank God, I’m a good girl, I listen to him. God speaks once, and I hear twice. Just in case I pretend not to hear his directives the first time, I will hear them the second time.


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  1. Hmmm…. This is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts
    I’m really blessed by them
    God bless you and increase you in wisdom, knowledge and understanding
    More inspiration from above

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