Life After School: Once Upon a Finalist Episode 3

Life After School: Once upon a finalist episode 3

Peace: You can try out your sabificate

Hearty: Have you been thinking about life after school?

Peace: I have been thinking about life after school since months ago. I see the future bright, I see God helping me in the future. By the grace of God, God has been helping me to put some plans in place. 

Hearty: Do you mind sharing any of your plans?

Peace: My discipline can usher one into any aspect of science, technology or health, depending on how far you want to go, and you can work anywhere so far there is production and anything that has to do with producing and getting new things. Chemistry is just a junction for every science course. 

I have plans for a Master’s degree in chemistry after NYSC. Then, I started a tech course training that I will continue during my NYSC and then delve into life properly. Of course, God’s faithfulness is always secure. 

Hearty: What advice do you have for people who peradventure have not started thinking about life after school? 

Peace: My advice is that everyone should know that the future is now. The future is not tomorrow. If you have something in your heart, it will come to your hands. I feel that life is much more about focus. Why am I living? If you’re able to identify the reason why you are living, other things will follow suit. 

For example, I know that I am living life for his purpose. And for this purpose, are the things I’m doing geared towards that same purpose? If you figure that out, you can begin to plan your future in line with what you feel it should be. So, irrespective of what you are doing, there is still hope.

If your certificate cannot cater for the life you want after school, then, try out your sabificate: that is what you know, what you’re best at. God has created us uniquely, and there are potentials in us that you only need to discover.

Also, you don’t have to go into what everybody is going into. You sit down, figure it out yourself, and allow God to help you ultimately. So, if you’re in your final year i.e. you just completed your final exams, and you’re worried about life after school, it is time to sit down with God intentionally. God will begin to give you ideas on what you can do. You will begin to see many things about yourself. You begin to see light in your tomorrow.

My own is just that the future is in our hands, Don’t think that because you did not study all those professional, highly-rated courses, there is no tomorrow for you. You are wrong if you are thinking like that. There are so many things to be unlocked. Irrespective of what you are doing, there is hope and the future is now.

Aderonke: Learning Christ

If you had asked me this question three years ago when I was in the 200 Level or 100 level, I would have had a lot to say. I would have tabled my plans before you. You would be amazed by all my plans, my goals, and everything. But right now, to be honest with you, I don’t have any plans for myself. I’m just flowing with the tide. Mind you, not the tide of this world, it is the tide of the Holy Spirit. I discovered when I was in the 300 level, during one of my conversations with God, that it is better that I wait for him to show me the way forward. Now that I’m done, you’re not the only one who has asked me this question, “What is my next move?”

I might tell you what I would love to do, but I will always end it that if it is God’s plan for me, it shall be so. I’m just waiting on God. If tomorrow, God says “I want you to drop your certificate and go into catering fully, or be a full-time baker”, I will follow. I will do whatever he says. Because he has the blueprint of my life and knows what is best for me. And if someone had told me then that if God can say “Drop your certificate” I would say that my God is not wicked. But for now, I have no plans for myself and I’m just waiting on God for the next step.

How it feels to leave School.

The realization dawned on me on the day we defended our project. I realized that I had a lot to do. I will be very honest with you. The thing that came to mind wasn’t marriage but my walk with God, because for me personally, for me to get married, I would have attained some things. For example, I need to learn Christ. It is in the book of Ephesians where it was written that you have not yet learned ‘Christ’. So, I have to learn Christ because I discovered that marriage is not just a bed of roses. It is where the devil always wages war against believers. Especially if you now know God, you now have Christ, ah, because when you have a good marriage, the devil will fight against it with all his power.

I was thinking about it last week. I don’t want to be a rising and falling Christian. God, you have to hold me, I have to learn you. So many things, It is not until I get into my new home that I will now start learning ‘This is how we should do this, a virtuous woman should not do this…” I should know those before I get into it. Everything should center on, or point at knowing Christ. And if I should know Christ, every area of my life would be settled. Business, marriage, everything would be settled. For me, I was always thinking “God, what is the next step, show me.” Ah, it all depends on God. I’m waiting on God for the next step. I believe he is going to lead me.

So, another point is how is felt when I defended my project. I was like “Wow, you can no longer be asking your parents for pocket money. Now, we are all grown up. But sister, I felt somehow oh. It was such a mixed feeling. So much more is expected of you, your siblings would be looking up to you especially if you are a firstborn. You just have to get it right in everything you do. There is no time to slack at all.

Things/places I’d miss on being a Graduate

I would miss a lot of things. For instance, the church I attended in UI. I had to move church as it was very far from my house and I could not be involved in the activities in the church. So, I prayed to God for a church I would be attending in UI. I know I can’t just go to any church. This my head has glory and I don’t want anyone to tap out of it at all. So, the lord sha opened my eyes and I saw this church and I began to enjoy God’s grace. I’m trusting God for my NYSC posting, but for now, I’m going to miss that church. Honestly, gan-an. But even then, my first time at the church, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this was just for a while and that he wanted me to learn something there. He said that this was just a step in learning him, that I’m going to a greater step of learning him.

I’m glad I attained all I did. I’ve gained a lot, my spiritual walk has increased tremendously. And I’m not saying that the presence of God was absent in my former church. I know that after this Ibadan, God is taking me somewhere where he has his word for me, building me up in the knowledge of him.

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