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Category: Encouragement

Life After School: Once upon a finalist episode 3

Life After School: Once Upon a Finalist Episode 3

Peace: You can try out your sabificate

Hearty: Have you been thinking about life after school?

Peace: I have been thinking about life after school since months ago. I see the future bright, I see God helping me in the future. By the grace of God, God has been helping me to put some plans in place. 

E fit Shock You – Church Chronicles Season 2

E don tey wey me and you don jam for this space. Na exam I write write write oh. I say I no get time to dey write again. For how many months wey he be like that? I con tell myself “After exam, you go con resume.” Na wetin I think be that. But after we finish exam, I try. I try but he con be like say the plan of say I go dey give back to back stories like layer upon layer of cake, but na only rest I dey rest. Birthday issue still don enter. Na then I know say that week don commot too. You know, person go fit pray and do many many things sotey usher imself into a new year. Na so week dey climb on top week for my eyes. E shock me.

God’s word will surely come to pass ( LET IT SHINE MAG)

By Precious Olaleye


I love God with my whole heart,
I love God in the good times and even during the bad times I believe that God’s words still stand

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