God’s word will surely come to pass ( LET IT SHINE MAG)

By Precious Olaleye


I love God with my whole heart,
I love God in the good times and even during the bad times I believe that God’s words still stand

Text: Ezekiel 12:28, therefore, say unto them thus saith the Lord God; there shall be none of my words prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord God

It’s a comfort to me most times when I realize that amid people promising and reneging on their promises, God has promised and is really constant He always comes through with His promises. Isaiah 40:4 says that the grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever. Think about it generations will come and go, feelings will come and go, governments will come and go, people will come into your life and exit too but God remains his word never comes back void.

What are those words that have been said over your life? What are you doing with them? God’s word will come to pass but you have to speak them into reality and make sure that they really do. The weight of the world can be so much so many make making it look like what God has promised will never come, sad things may happen along the way but remember God loves you. His thoughts for you are that you prosper, those things are Satan’s way of drawing your attention away from the goal.

Remember even the Psalmist says that when my father and my mother forsake me then will the Lord arise for my sake. Birth parents abandon their kids not out of their own volition at times but no matter the situation God never abandons us or forsakes us. God loves everyone but you’ve got to put in effort to receive that love – become the lover. You can’t be in a one-sided relationship as a person, Imagine being the one always doing all the nice things, for anniversaries, birthdays and all and your partner doesn’t contribute or even talk to you. It’s simply frustrating! Now put yourself in God’s shoes.

God is good; He has sent His only son to die for you before you even agreed to be with him(Romans 5:8) now after doing all this and showing you how serious and intentional He is about you, you still find it difficult to fellowship, read His word and know what His mind about you is. That is not good enough. God is intentional about you, He’s willing to make it work just don’t take his love for granted.

God’s word will surely come to pass

During a bible study at my fellowship once, the teacher mentioned that the words of God don’t just stay as words they become flesh but they can’t become flesh if there’s no ground. He also mentioned that when you receive a word of revelation you have to pray it out to manifestation.

God has not stopped being God, He has not stopped working. Snap out of whatever darkness you’re facing and use God’s word to contend for your life and destiny and see His word come to pass over you.

May we always abide in God’s unchanging love and may God’s words become in our lives. Amen

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