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E fit Shock You – Church Chronicles Season 2

E don tey wey me and you don jam for this space. Na exam I write write write oh. I say I no get time to dey write again. For how many months wey he be like that? I con tell myself “After exam, you go con resume.” Na wetin I think be that. But after we finish exam, I try. I try but he con be like say the plan of say I go dey give back to back stories like layer upon layer of cake, but na only rest I dey rest. Birthday issue still don enter. Na then I know say that week don commot too. You know, person go fit pray and do many many things sotey usher imself into a new year. Na so week dey climb on top week for my eyes. E shock me.

Journal Entry (LET IT SHINE MAG)

When I was younger, I loved attending parties, wedding parties, birthday parties, end-of-the-year parties, and Christmas parties, just name it, they all gave me joy. You know, there was always this joy and fulfilment that came with attending parties for me. It was always interesting.

Light like this (LET IT SHINE MAG)

The day gave birth to the night

The moon swagged in the air

In a world full of darkness

Light wraps me up in its flame.

My sanity drove them crazy

My purity brought them harm

They are irritated by my power

Disgusted at my move to empower.

Insult were sent, rumours was brewed

Traps were hidden in places

‘Angel on Earth’, they mocked

Jealousy has eaten deep into them.

Time flipped like pages

My eyes blindfolded with veils

Warm embrace became their culture

All I felt was their heart inflaming with rage.

Since they’ve vowed not to rest

Until they pull me down

My spirit wishes them to see

The light I carry for Christ’s sake.

I pray for grace through the storm

To shine till the very end

My message wrapped in gold is

Light like this, can’t be quenched.

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FANIYI OLUWATOMIWA ELIJAH: A globally minded person who is passionate about helping others unleash and use their potentials to reveal God to the world.

Editor’s Note (LET IT SHINE MAG)

One score and two, United and standing…these tush themes were dancing around in my head till “let it shine” stuck as chewing gum does to cloth.

I don’t know how you hear from God, but I knew this was it when it was it—the final word.

Shining your light might mean doing what others can’t do. You know, we’ve had enough of all those equality talk and blah blah.

How to Read Books Online or Download for free

Books, novels, comics, academic books…all summed up as books are a necessity to humans, especially you who are reading right now. It doesn’t matter what genre it is, whether self-published or not, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a bestseller or not. Books are great companions in times of solitude. 

To me, nothing beats having a tangible book in my hands even though we’re in an age where one can read across many devices. Do you like paperbacks like me? Read paperbacks or, you just can’t stand the burden of carrying big books that would make you look like a nerd?There are books in PDF formats, epub…blah blah. You might even be the all-powerful mom who manages a family and a business, there are audiobooks just for you. You have to make your choice.

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