Editor’s Note (LET IT SHINE MAG)

One score and two, United and standing…these tush themes were dancing around in my head till “let it shine” stuck as chewing gum does to cloth.

I don’t know how you hear from God, but I knew this was it when it was it—the final word.

Shining your light might mean doing what others can’t do. You know, we’ve had enough of all those equality talk and blah blah.

Equality is a scam. Gender, racial…. We can’t be equal. Being equal would be like handicapping some other people on what you think is an edge over others so that others who don’t have that particular edge wouldn’t feel inferior.

Everyone has an edge over others. So, handicapping everybody and making us all look alike is like creating zombies. We are not called to look like one another but to look like Jesus.

And while we do different things in our capacity, each man’s input should be an important part of a whole. Whether you’re a prophet like Alexandra in Eagle’s eyes, Apostle Paul’s friend in the meme or have walked on a lonely road and you need to remember or remind others that God’s words will surely come to pass, your input is important.

This is a result of like-minded people bringing what they have to make something called a magazine. They are not ordinary pieces. Some of them are a result of an accumulated relationship with God. Some tell real stories and your receiving anything from this depends on how you open your heart. Have fun while going through them, laugh if you have to, cry if the tears are threatening—it’s all worship to God.

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OLABODE OLUWABUKOLA RUTH: Loves God wholeheartedly and writes from the heart. She believes that the gospel shouldn’t only reach people in/from church.

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