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Life After School: Once upon a Finalist Episode 1

Preparing for Life after School

After a long day in the Botany final year lab, my seatmate, the Class Rep, turned to me. She asked about my plans for life after school. That discussion wasn’t urgent yet, so we had a pleasant conversation. She had lots of career trajectories: hard and soft skills full ground. And while the option of pursuing her Master’s degree was open, she was also being careful not to follow the obvious path. That path spelt ‘academia,’ and she wasn’t sure she wanted to go that way. Nigeria wasn’t smiling at anyone who went down that lane.

illustrated image of a church

The Review of the last three Church Chronicles.

The last three Church Chronicles didn’t cause trouble like some others. I remember ‘Aunty Feminist Goes to Church” doing a number of things to readers. ‘Drip Drip’ was breezy and light, Through your eyes was one story that sought to capture different lives that could be seen from different angles.

Eagle Eyes–Christian Thriller (LET IT SHINE MAG)

Rayo turned again in her bed and pulled the Ankara bed cover over her legs just in time. She had just prevented a day-old mosquito from landing on her ankle with its proboscis. She closed her eyes and tried to resume her sleep. But something was just not right and she kept on closing and opening her eyes, desperate for sleep.

Aunty Feminist goes to Church | Church Chronicles 2

The period when women were told to be silent in the church was over. This was what Aunty thought before returning home to Naija.

Unpacking her luggage, she thought about the foremost thing she wanted to do. She would show up in church, the home church she’d been nostalgic about in the UK. 

Life as a working student had not allowed for too much church. She had only attended virtual church gatherings as much as she had the time. Homecoming, she dressed in the only native attire she had, a green agbada and trousers her UK tailor had sewn, ready for the non-virtual experience.

Editor’s Note (LET IT SHINE MAG)

One score and two, United and standing…these tush themes were dancing around in my head till “let it shine” stuck as chewing gum does to cloth.

I don’t know how you hear from God, but I knew this was it when it was it—the final word.

Shining your light might mean doing what others can’t do. You know, we’ve had enough of all those equality talk and blah blah.

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