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Church Chronicles is currently on its 7th lap. That means we have seven whopping stories with “Church Chronicles” as its umbrella.

But right now, we’re taking a short pause to reflect. It’s just right to say we’re on Sabbath.

We want reviews of any of the Church Chronicles to date from you, our reader. Don’t keep those awesome thoughts and discussions you’ve had about the series to yourself. You can send your reviews here.

After then, we can see if we can continue with the Church Chronicles series.


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1. The Worship Experience | Church Chronicles 1

The worship leader collected the wired microphone from the prayer coordinator, who had set the atmosphere burning with some capital tongue speaking in the rented hall.

2. Aunty Feminist goes to Church | Church Chronicles 2

The period when women were told to be silent in the church was over. This was what Aunty thought before returning home to Naija.

3. Blood Sucking Demons | Church Chronicles 3

Mosquitoes, lice, and bed bugs, you hate them all. Yesterday, you swatted an overly excited anopheles with your bare hands,…

4. My Daddy-Longlegs | Church Chronicles 4

When I was a little girl, my whole world went at a pleasantly slow pace. It was endless days of wanting to be an adult.

5. Sabbath | Church Chronicles 5

It was a weird conversation with a stranger down the winding staircase. It felt good. Sunday arrived early and in sync with the soft instrumental escaping from the second floor.

6. Through your Eyes | Church Chronicles 6

The eye is the lamp of the body: when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light…

7. Drip Drip | Church Chronicles 7

“Calm down now. Your phone selfie camera is on. Look into it and act like you’re enjoying the drip. Drip drip,”

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