Drip Drip | Church Chronicles 7

Picture at an AUCSF Watergate program

“Calm down now. Your phone selfie camera is on. Look into it and act like you’re enjoying the drip. Drip drip,” Eucharia said to herself, batting her eyelashes at the camera. Ifeanu rolled her eyes as both walked down the road to Chapel.

“Drip ko. In this land of UI. Two weeks of school stress and such vanity is gone,” She thought. 

“You know, we’re supposed to be praying in tongues as we move,” She said out loud instead.

Olabode Oluwabukola and Liadi Kehinde in blue jeans and sneakers
Oya, start praying in the Holy Ghost.

“So, here we are, with one of my friends, on our way to the AUCSF theme declaration.” Eucharia held her phone at a nice camera angle and talked animatedly, blocking out Ifeanu’s voice.

“It’s one of those once-in-a-while programs. You know, an assembly of Christians in the University of Ibadan.” 

She slanted the phone to include Ifeanu’s face. “This is my friend. She’s so choked up and is surely praying in tongues under her breath. Share us from your well of wisdom ma.”

Ifeanu smiled. Eucharia’s whining skills had shot up in the eight months ASUU strike.

“Blessed are you, chosen one of God!” Ifeanu started, and both giggled. She was getting into the vibe.

“So, when it comes to the AUCSF programs, all other Christian fellowships under AUCSF come together to worship God as one body, in unity, and all of that so…” She said in a drawl.

“So, we dripping. We are dripping Glory.” 

“Ewo lo kan dripping bayii?” Ifeanu said after gathering her thoughts. “So, yes, we are on our way to church. Of course, I see my Christian friends in class. We do not necessarily attend the same campus fellowship, but we sharpen one another. Despite our doctrinal differences, we have this one link.  

“King Jesus! C’mon, You know what I’m saying?” Eucharia piped in. She was hyper. “It’s like a reunion here since most of us met at the AUCSF. I made new friends in the choir,” 

A group of people at the Chapel of Ressurection, University of Ibadan

She did not care that the video was already getting longer than an Instagram reel. She’d have to worry about that later.

“I met people at the AUCSF ushering unit.” Ifeanu continued as they walked along the sidewalk. 

“Heb 10:25 talks about not forsaking other believers. Yeah, you attend your campus fellowship. But when you meet other believers even on the road, in your classes–you get sharpened, and you sharpen others. Everywhere. 

Church programs are one of those avenues where you keep on meeting with other believers. Your room is technically a church if your roommates are Christ-minded. They drop words for you intentionally and unintentionally and stuff. 

The church is a big body. The one referred to as Jesus’ bride. Location?”

“All over the world,” Eucharia replied. 

“The one in Africa has its dynamics, with several denominations with headquarters, regions, zones and others. But here, there is a joint body of Christian students at the University of Ibadan. There’s also your campus fellowship, faculty fellowship, departmental fellowship, etc. If you meet with believers everywhere, anytime in your room and classes. Exhortation would just come as naturally as drinking water. 

“Preach Mama!”

“Our meetings outside could be official or non-official, but trust me, when you see us, it’s not some sharpeners and pencils or swords clashing.”

“So, what is it like?”

“Don’t you see the drip?”

“Awww… So you see the drip now,” Eucharia asked. 

“Shey you dey whine me ni…” She sang, and both laughed heartily. 

“It’s not about the dresses. It’s not even about the stressed faces. Don’t you expect any reactions from any sharpening endeavours? Check again. UI’s got nothing on us.”

Company of Davids dripping
MFMCF UI Company of Davids. The guys, for certain reasons known to them, decided not to show face.

“Hmm,” Eucharia said, sha give me my phone. You forgot to add the point on friendships that sharpen you. Abi you did not get sharpened now? Continue your praying in tongues oh, and don’t talk to me till we get to the Chapel.

“What?” Ifeanu exclaimed. The girl was acting petty again. As if she was still a 100 Level student. 

Fresher's welcome
Beautiful people at an AUCSF fresher’s welcome

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