Heels and Valleys Chapter Two

Favour walked majestically with her black pumps across the reception hall. For You Architecture and Homes had opened for the day, even though some things were just about to be put in place.

“Good morning director.” The secretary who had suddenly popped up behind her desk called.

“Oh my!” Favour exclaimed and stopped, surprised.

“Good morning Aanu.”Aanu smiled in response.

“I hope you rested well during the weekend?”

Favour nodded after regaining herself from the previous surprise. “How about the assignment?” At this question, Aanu’s face paled immediately. She wrung both hands together and no words could be formed from her lips.

Favour sighed and walked away from the visibly shaken girl. “I’d send you the list soon enough!” Aanu called after her. Favour shook her sturdy navy blue handbag in response before walking into her office.

Favour sat at her computer all through the day. Reviewing the previous week’s work was that engrossing. Her secretary’s call cut through her concentration.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, director. But…”“Speak” Favour commanded.

“The newest employee at the department has asked to see you,” Aanu said.“Newest employee” Favour repeated to allow the information to sink in. “you’re telling me that all these happened just last week?”

“Yes, ma. Should I send him in?”

“Do send him in. And, send me the briefing of the new developments that happened while I was away”

“I’d do that right away” The secretary cut the call.

“That’s what she says every time,” Favour said to herself and rested her palm on her cheek while continuing to gaze at the big computer screen. The sound of knocking caused Favour to raise her head again, forcing her to tear her concentration temporarily away from her work.

After a few seconds of ignoring the new employee, she looked at him, starting from the shoe. She sized his suit up. “Undeniably a newbie.” She thought.

“How may I help you?” she asked him before noticing his face. She tried to remember where she had seen the face before. When it clicked, she made a show of not remembering since the situation was already getting awkward.

The guy’s calm face was changing expression into something yet unreadable. Though tempted to keep the awkwardness going to see the almost metamorphosed expression, Favour returned her gaze to the computer to make her look like the busy director that she is.

“I am the newest employee and I started work last week” He started to say.

“Yes, that, I know. Tell me something else that I don’t know” Favour looked him straight in the eye, her face slightly turned to a side, her right index finger crooked in the air while the chair gently rotated sideways. She was all shades of domination.

While his eyes shone confidence, Sanmi’s heart palpitated dangerously with the director’s tough front. She whom he had been told was nice, was reminding him of his former selfish boss. When asked during the interview that fetched him his new job, he had been asked the reason he left his previous job. The diplomatic answer he gave was that he wanted to broaden his horizon. His interviewers had been satisfied. But this woman… the woman’s continuous scrutiny tore through his musing and his thoughts bounced back into the present.

“I’m Sanmi, according to an article released by Forbes concerning using unlikely materials for making houses a month ago, it is expedient that my services as a master of architectonics would be used to facilitate further development of the company. Sanmi cruised through his rehearsed speech.

Favour nodded absentmindedly after listening to his grammar. “Desperately wanting to impress”, she noted. “Everyone says that at the beginning of their jobs, we shall see about that” Favour said and dismissed him with a wave of the hand.

Sanmi, who felt a bit insulted by her lazy dismissal still stood before her.“Do you mean I should get out?” he asked in a ‘not too sure’ voice.

“That’s the door.” She said in a low tone without looking up. Sanmi shuffled his feet out of Favour’s air-conditioned office with a shiny forehead, the result of barely invisible sweat beads. When he got to the general office of the Marketing department, the others watched as he stumbled on his chair absentmindedly. When he raised his head, he found two of his colleagues already at his table.“A penny for your thoughts?” the girl of the two flipped her blond wig as she asked him.

Sanmi looked into the face of the guy who nodded. Sanmi sighed before answering.“I had felt so relieved when you briefed me about your boss. Rather, it turns out that she’s the direct opposite of your description”

“That can’t be possible.” The blond girl said. “She’s the only member of the board of directors with exceptionally good character. Tell me about it, how did you start on the wrong foot? If she acted nasty to you, it’s because something was wrong” The guy named Tony asked.

“Maybe she’s on her period.” A tall and fair lady spoke and walked into the office. She picked up the big black stapler on the table nearest to her and left. While she made the joke, no one spoke. The blond who was still at Sanmi’s table left for her own space.

“Who’s that woman?” Sanmi asked Tony, pointing in the direction of the door with his chin.

“An enemy of our dear director Favour. Cynthia has always wanted Favour’s things, benefits, and especially, her position since they met in this company. So I was told. She comes here like that once in a while. Some sort of witch I tell you, so manipulative.”

Sanmi nodded. “Then, it’s understandable that our director might have been bewitched into hating me.” Tony laughed a funny laugh. “Who are you for that to be understandable?” he adjusted his tie and asked, the laugh still reflected in his voice. “Me? A newbie that might even make the glory of this department shine brighter. That’s who I am.”

“I’d tell you what, Favour is not the kind to be bewitched. If you hear ‘mobile fire’ that’s her” Tony’s tone took a serious note as he said that. Sanmi nodded as he thought about it.“Sanmi” Tony called. He answered the second call. Tony cleared his throat and raised his head like he was about to make a declaration.

“This look in your eyes my brother, I think I can interpret it well.” He said in a whisper to Sanmi. “You might as well as know how you started on a wrong foot. Don’t tell me that you got into her office and started looking at her with those moon-like eyes?”

Sanmi looked up at him in surprise. “I think your puzzle is complete,” Tony said and left for his table. Sanmi tried to make sense of Tony’s finding. Somehow, it made sense. The weekend’s wedding episode hadn’t rubbed off his mind. The face that had continuously investigated him and his family while drinking from a cup had turned out to be his boss’.

Sanmi looked around, seeking a solution to his dilemma. He shouldn’t be having feelings for his director, not even someone he just met last weekend. His heart was just doing its own thing. He thought of going to the restroom again, at least to have a word with God. Tony had met him there once and he had been long lost in the conversation with God. It was just too early to have a nickname.

Boluwatife, the blond-haired girl smiled at him. He smiled back. There was just no private place to talk to God here. “God.” he breathed and closed his eyes.

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