A Heartwarming Review of Mission Malaika

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The Movie, Mission Malaika

Mission Malaika, a spirit-energizing movie that was written, produced and directed by Toluwase Tolulope aka Tolucci was released on the 1st May 2021 via the Mass TV Youtube Channel. The movie featured Ayo Ajewole (Woli Agba), Funsho Adeolu, Lily Perez, among many others. It would be naughty to spill out the plots and twists of the movie. So, just head on here to watch a blessed 3 hours’ worth movie.

A general overview of the Movie

Using a most excellent and real approach to the happenings that are possible in a Campus fellowship, the delivery made it easy to relate to the plot.

With lines delivered in understandable language and an almost embarrassing familiar language that would normally be edited out of a Christian movie, such as the “packaging one’s buttock like Moin moin.”

There is also a pre-fornication love poem delivered in Shakespearean Romeo style. The raw side comments made from a guest minister to the Fellowship President about a fellow executive came as a shock. My thoughts were “you people can talk in this manner too?”

The list goes on. Nothing was diluted. It was all done as it was in real life. The actors delivered their roles well.

One feature that makes the youths love watching foreign movies is the movie soundtrack. An avid lover of good music would vet the music that accompanied the Mission Malaika movie as top-notch. These songs rented space in my head for long.

The Unique Characters

zu zu zu zu ka. lekwe lekwete. ibregede, ibregede. lekadush lekadosh shantalebradish lebradush….Holy ghost move, Holy ghost move (intense tongue-speaking)


It was obvious that P. Word, whose character was accurately acted by Oyede Timileyin was the attention-seeking type of Christian.

In the particular scene where this quote was extracted from, P.Word’s right hand biceps bulged as he anointed the engine of the bus that was to take them to Malaika. It was as if the result of the entire demonstration was going to be by power and might.

At the same moment, the fellowship’s mama, (Adefuye Olashile Victoria) was all about the personal welfare of the papa (Oladipo Joshua) while something as strategic as a demonic interruption was going on–an attempt to make them stay away from demonically congested Malaika.

P. Digit, as usual was going about the business she was meant to be about. Energy was abundant, but discretion was lacking.

Teddy (Samuel Daniel Go’El) and Elder (Okpako Ernest) had earlier acknowledged the fact that both of them were sensing the same things and could be said to be one in spirit. They decided to intercede in unity concerning the present bus situation. The venue of the intercession was ‘the back of the bus’

Other characters just looked on at the spiritual performance by the ‘anointed’ P.Word. There was even word amongst some about the expectation that he’d be the next president of the fellowship. Notwithstanding, some looked on with expectancy, waiting to see the outcome of it all.

This short scenario was the beginning of their adventures in Malaika.

The significance of the movie, Mission Malaika

The efforts put in by the entire Mission Malaika crew was worth the trouble. The roles of little foxes in Christian lives cannot just be overemphasized. The wake-up call for the Church to be in unity at heart and in deeds was pointed at.

However, in all, as the Bible has rightly recorded, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall shall not prevail against it” Even during Chaos, God will always have people working hard to let his kingdom come.

Winiwini, the lead diety of Malaika

Malaika, the fictional location of focus as described in the movie was said to be a place where the most Yoruba gods resided.

A translated Yoruba adage says that “a battle previously announced cannot kill a wise cripple” i.e Ogun agbotele kii paro to ba gbon.

Malaika was notorious for its deep participation in the occult, yet different issues amongst the participants of the outreach was still yet to be trashed.

If not that it is true that thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus, Winiwini would have taken all that was rightfully his.

This movie is such that would have you reflecting on your Christian Journey and keep you on your toes. Revival truly starts from the hearts of people.

9 thoughts on “A Heartwarming Review of Mission Malaika

  1. Wow, this really opened me up to the things I wasn’t patient enough to learn from the movie, the words were really nice and attention sustaining.

    This is really awesome ma

  2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is the best review i’ve read so far. Such Depth, Creative Coinage of Words. Keen attention to detail, nothing was left out….including twisted plots that were hidden. This is nothing short of brilliant. Thank you for taking the pain to review objectively. I am grateful. The link was posted as a comment on the movie thread on youtube. God Bless.

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