Worship Experience Review-Church Chronicles 1

The story started with a simulation of what people call capital tongues from the prayer cord. Yeah, just like the stereotypes, he is a guy. And from the concave lenses of Sayo, the story continues. We see a beautifully dressed female chorister take the microphone to lead the worship. Only later did we know the gravity of that action of merely taking the microphone. The prayer cord had set the congregation on fire using the same microphone, and it was to be used to project the wership of Jeezes, according to Mumcy Precious, the female chorister.

The problem was not about the microphone but the relationship between the two people whose hands the microphone had passed. The supposed relationship between them wasn’t just from a brother to a sister. And from a point of heartbreak, the worship song, You are good by Bethel Music was sung.

However, from Sayo’s perspective, the song was sung because of her, and her train of thought during the worship session showed that the hard time she was facing in her academics was a good thing since she received the strategy to use to improve on her academics. 

And at the end, Sayo made known to Mumsy Precious her conviction about the song she raised during worship, thus removing the slight pang of the feeling of selfishness that had engulfed the worshipper during the worship session—that she was raising her concerns to God instead of putting the congregation’s needs first. 

You can read the original story here

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