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Life After School: Once upon a Finalist Episode 1

Preparing for Life after School

After a long day in the Botany final year lab, my seatmate, the Class Rep, turned to me. She asked about my plans for life after school. That discussion wasn’t urgent yet, so we had a pleasant conversation. She had lots of career trajectories: hard and soft skills full ground. And while the option of pursuing her Master’s degree was open, she was also being careful not to follow the obvious path. That path spelt ‘academia,’ and she wasn’t sure she wanted to go that way. Nigeria wasn’t smiling at anyone who went down that lane.

E fit Shock You – Church Chronicles Season 2

E don tey wey me and you don jam for this space. Na exam I write write write oh. I say I no get time to dey write again. For how many months wey he be like that? I con tell myself “After exam, you go con resume.” Na wetin I think be that. But after we finish exam, I try. I try but he con be like say the plan of say I go dey give back to back stories like layer upon layer of cake, but na only rest I dey rest. Birthday issue still don enter. Na then I know say that week don commot too. You know, person go fit pray and do many many things sotey usher imself into a new year. Na so week dey climb on top week for my eyes. E shock me.


The intense COVID period is long gone; two years is quite much, right? But some of its effects on the Church are here to stay.

Some of the points I’ll highlight have been going on for a while but their usefulness has just been made even more acknowledged as a result of the COVID. Imagine the few realistic scenarios described below.

1. Second Service: The one who woke up late

Oil of Gladness

“Oh yeah,” Tonia says tiredly, twirling her index finger in a circular motion in the air. Sitting down and doing nothing wasn’t her hobby but it seems that it’s the only thing she has been consistent at in the past few days.

“Hmmmn, arrgh, hmm.” The deep groans did not sound as if they were from her. The only audible words which found their place in between the groans sounded like an admission of guilt.

Heels and Valleys Chapter Eight

While many people had changed their phone ringing tones to “odun nlo sopin o baba rere”, Favour changed hers to “vindicate me oh lord,” an extract from an audio Bible.

“Hello miss” a voice that sounded like Cynthia’s called her attention.
Favour looked up to see Cynthia’s smirk. Although she had been sedentary, she jerked into alertness when she heard Cynthia’s voice.

Heels and Valleys Chapter Seven

Favour paced around in her office.

Mismanagement of funds had been detected from the department she directed. It was surprising yet annoying. Why did it have to be?

Friday’s meeting had been more than she had expected it to be. The strange call that ended the meeting for her had been from the chairman. He had mentioned that he needed her to investigate it and return the mismanaged funds ASAP. Otherwise, he was going to investigate her alongside the rest of the members. He also threatened that all the faults could be attributed to her.

Heels and Valleys Chapter One

For all superstitions about rain not falling on a wedding day, Favour felt glad for her friend who was going to officially become a wife. She tried to stifle the giggle that was trying to escape from her throat. Whatever would happen to her friend as from tonight was none of her business.

And about that, the other friends of the bride would have done justice. Besides, what was the use of marriage counselling if she still had to worry for her friend? All she could do now was pray for her friend’s marriage. Yawning out of tiredness, she covered her mouth with her hand. 

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